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To provide customized OEM (original equipment manufacturer) noodles for production services to create differentiated value of strengths and competitiveness.


To focus on customer demands and to be responsible to be responsible to craft our products with sustainability and great taste. We offer customers a hygienic, safe, healthy and delicious noodles products.


To abide by the mission of corporate responsibility and promise for better future. Customer satisfaction is the highest priority of our colleagues.


“Dligent, Innovative, Conscientious and Responsible” is our company principles. We continue to exceed customer expectations and work toward becoming a leading company in the field of noodle productions.

Future Vision

With 30 years of experience, Sun-Li has grown from a small noodle shop to a large noodle manufacture supplier. We are dedicated to producing hygienic, safe, healthy, and tasty options for our consumers. Sun-Li has been implementing a stringent set of quality control standards. We have upgraded all of our manufacturing processes to be in compliance with GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice). We will continuously strive to suppress our own accomplishments and be recognized as a leader in our industry. This is only the beginning of a new chapter.

Founded in a traditional market in Nantun District in Taichung, Taiwan by Mr. Robert Chang.

Used automatic noodle making machines for the production and introduced innovative processes including automatic flip over, noodle cooling and oil and noodle mixing machine to product oily noodles.

Started noodles delivery with refrigerator van.

Built the bridge and exchanged know-how and technical knowledge with the Japanese noodle industry by cooperating with Japanese noodle factory.

Recruited the Chinese and Japanese noodle technical experts for research and development and successfully produced various types of noodles with non-preservatives.

Officially named Sun-Li Foods Company, worked toward the sustainable management of the enterprise goal and began to develop business relationships with major supermarkets, wholesale stores, schools’ cafeterias, private agencies, chain restaurants, etc.

Cooperated with HsingNung Supermarket of OEM noodle products such as homemade ramen, homemade plain noodles, fresh oily noodles and ramen.

Cooperated with HsiMei Supermarket for OEM noodle products such as ramen, plain noodles, egg noodles, homemade sliced noodles and vegetable ramen.

Expanded the factory and moved to Daya District ( 800 square ft.) for better services, production facilities and work area.

Certificated with Good Manufacturer’s Practices (GMP) Certificate.

Certificated who “Peace Diet” mark certification from Health Bureau of Taichung City Government.

Certified by the ISO9001 quality management and HACCP system.

Established the brand Sun Gleaner and the art and spirit of noodle-making and contributed to the welfare of the society in Days District by developing rich cultures, genuine humanities, unparalleled scenery, wholesome ingredients and LOHAS.

Established business partnerships with RT-MART, Far Eastern Amart, and Simple Market, and provided dry noodles, teppanyaki noodles, etc.

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Main Clean Area

stir, compound, roll and cut

Clean Area

cook noodle, cool down, measure, package

Buffer Area

original material stock, finished product loading area

General Area

  • original material storage
  • cold storage 0~7℃
  • freezing storage above -18℃